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We create one of the best asset managers on the market!


Tax Integration or Stand Alone Assets Management

Included in our tax packages, it is used with the tax programs to calculate depreciable items and fill in 4562 data. The Deprecation program can be purchased and used as a stand alone program. It is an asset manager with its own reports.

Data Entry

Wizards make data entry fast and asset information can be changed easily from one screen. An asset can be assigned to a specific form or schedule in the Wintax program.


All current depreciation methods are supported as well as older methods like straight line and declining balance. Amortization is also supported. Seperate calculations for federal, state and book are available. Preference depreciation can be computed and carried directly to Form 6251. Also, mid-quarter and half-year conventions are supported.


Reports include:

Asset Filters

Our powerful asset look up and filter system makes finding and working with your clients assets easy.